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B.J. Kennison Company Kitchens Design Services

I personally do all design and estimation work. I have a huge disdain for cookie cutter kitchens. Even in the smallest space, or given difficult obstacles to work around, it is rare that something can’t be done to creatively enhance the final outcome. Anyone using today’s software can fill a space with cabinetry and the result may look great but the hidden flaws that may exist in that design that may not be evident until the cabinetry goes in. With many kitchens using high end built in appliances and high volume ventilation systems that require make up air to work in today’s “Stretch Energy Code Homes,” knowledge of how these systems work and how they interact with the kitchen design and function of the home is of extreme importance and mistakes can be costly.

We service Massachusetts with kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and much more.

BJKennison Kitchens Showroom

We display both semi-custom and full custom cabinetry. Featured is cabinetry from Showplace Wood Products and Custom Wood Products. Also shown are closet systems from PLUSCLOSETS. Along with cabinetry we also display counter options, hardwood and tile. Due to the personal attention given to our clients we ask that visitors call for an appointment prior to stopping by.

BJKennison Kitchens Installation & Renovation Services

Even the best thought out design in the world can end up in disaster if the work in your home is not completed in a professional manner. Craftsmanship and personal pride in work is far too often a thing of the past. Today it is often all about how quick and inexpensive can you be. This concept is fostered by TV home improvement shows where everything is done in a week for unrealistically low costs. What many viewers of these shows don’t realize is the actual size of the crew and logistical support behind the scenes that make this happen, and how many of the products are given to the project for “promotional support”.

On top of this how often have you ever seen someone go back to one of these projects a year later and ask the home owners “Are you still happy?”  I believe in doing one project at a time until it’s completed. I am also a firm believer in “if you want it done right do it yourself.”  That’s why after I design a project I physically complete the project. Yes I do use licensed plumbers and electricians, drywallers and painters. I handle all other site work including carpentry and tile work. When my plumber and electrician is on site I am there to make sure everything goes right the first time. Today the vast majority of cabinet suppliers / designers only sell the cabinets and related products, they even may “manage” the project for you. The reality is most time you have no idea who is working in your home and you are at the mercy of an entourage of subcontractors who quite often work with little or no supervision.