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About Us: our business approach

At B.J. Kennison, we are very different from what people think of as the typical kitchen dealer. Our business focus is providing people with professionally designed and built middle to upper end kitchen and bath renovation projects. As with most businesses that exist today, you can’t be everything to everybody. Kennison’s business approach is very personalized giving serious attention to the clients’ needs. We work with – and just as importantly to – the details of the actual renovation.

B.J. Kennison Company business approach is very personalized giving serious attention to the clients’ needs and to the details of the actual renovation.

Most kitchen dealers either outsource installation, or tell the client they must hire their own installers.  This is because they often lack the technical skills required for professional renovation estimating, they want to avoid the costs associated with hiring, training, and equipping a professional to work in your home, and to dodge the responsibility of dealing with the unknowns typical of renovation work.  At B.J. Kennison, we believe that to meet the needs of the middle to upper end renovation client design, product sales, renovation, and personnel should all be provided from one source.

The people who have chosen B.J. Kennison Company over our thirty years, live anywhere from northern Connecticut to northern Vermont, but they all have one thing in common: they realize that many companies may produce beautiful designs, but the design is worth little if the final installation and renovation work is not handled with the same attention to detail. They know that the more parties involved, the more likely for there to be breakdowns in communication and disappointing end results.

Our thirty years of excellence is demonstrated in how our customers talk about us. See our customer testimonials.