Why  you should choose B.J. Kennison Company Kitchens, Baths & More


Three decades of creating simple to complex kitchen and bath designs backed by actual hands on experience in renovation and new construction.


Sourced exclusively from USA manufactures that stand behind their products.


Completed by the same person who designed the project, no second guessing who will be working in your home today.


Fair pricing without the overhead of larger companies.

B.J. Kennison Company provides people with professionally designed and built middle to upper end kitchens, baths and more.

B.J. Kennison Company Kitchens, Baths & More was established in 1982 and has been in continuous operation for over thirty years by owners Brad and Sandy Kennison. We have always made the choice to source the majority of the products that we sell from the United States of America. Whether it is hardwood flooring from Maine, cabinetry from South Dakota, or tile from Tennessee, it is our belief that we should support our fellow American workers and company owners first.

About Us

About Us: our business approach

At B.J. Kennison, we are very different from what people think of as the typical kitchen dealer. Our business focus is providing people with professionally designed and built middle to upper end kitchen and bath renovation projects. As with most businesses that exist today, you can’t be everything to everybody. Kennison’s business approach is very personalized giving serious attention to the clients’ needs. We work with – and just as importantly to – the details of the actual renovation.

B.J. Kennison Company business approach is very personalized giving serious attention to the clients’ needs and to the details of the actual renovation.

Most kitchen dealers either outsource installation, or tell the client they must hire their own installers.  This is because they often lack the technical skills required for professional renovation estimating, they want to avoid the costs associated with hiring, training, and equipping a professional to work in your home, and to dodge the responsibility of dealing with the unknowns typical of renovation work.  At B.J. Kennison, we believe that to meet the needs of the middle to upper end renovation client design, product sales, renovation, and personnel should all be provided from one source.

The people who have chosen B.J. Kennison Company over our thirty years, live anywhere from northern Connecticut to northern Vermont, but they all have one thing in common: they realize that many companies may produce beautiful designs, but the design is worth little if the final installation and renovation work is not handled with the same attention to detail. They know that the more parties involved, the more likely for there to be breakdowns in communication and disappointing end results.

Our thirty years of excellence is demonstrated in how our customers talk about us. See our customer testimonials.


Services: what we can do for your home

B.J. Kennison Company Kitchens Design Services

I personally do all design and estimation work. I have a huge disdain for cookie cutter kitchens. Even in the smallest space, or given difficult obstacles to work around, it is rare that something can’t be done to creatively enhance the final outcome. Anyone using today’s software can fill a space with cabinetry and the result may look great but the hidden flaws that may exist in that design that may not be evident until the cabinetry goes in. With many kitchens using high end built in appliances and high volume ventilation systems that require make up air to work in today’s “Stretch Energy Code Homes,” knowledge of how these systems work and how they interact with the kitchen design and function of the home is of extreme importance and mistakes can be costly.

We service Massachusetts with kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and much more.

BJKennison Kitchens Showroom

We display both semi-custom and full custom cabinetry. Featured is cabinetry from Showplace Wood Products and Custom Wood Products. Also shown are closet systems from PLUSCLOSETS. Along with cabinetry we also display counter options, hardwood and tile. Due to the personal attention given to our clients we ask that visitors call for an appointment prior to stopping by.

BJKennison Kitchens Installation & Renovation Services

Even the best thought out design in the world can end up in disaster if the work in your home is not completed in a professional manner. Craftsmanship and personal pride in work is far too often a thing of the past. Today it is often all about how quick and inexpensive can you be. This concept is fostered by TV home improvement shows where everything is done in a week for unrealistically low costs. What many viewers of these shows don’t realize is the actual size of the crew and logistical support behind the scenes that make this happen, and how many of the products are given to the project for “promotional support”.

On top of this how often have you ever seen someone go back to one of these projects a year later and ask the home owners “Are you still happy?”  I believe in doing one project at a time until it’s completed. I am also a firm believer in “if you want it done right do it yourself.”  That’s why after I design a project I physically complete the project. Yes I do use licensed plumbers and electricians, drywallers and painters. I handle all other site work including carpentry and tile work. When my plumber and electrician is on site I am there to make sure everything goes right the first time. Today the vast majority of cabinet suppliers / designers only sell the cabinets and related products, they even may “manage” the project for you. The reality is most time you have no idea who is working in your home and you are at the mercy of an entourage of subcontractors who quite often work with little or no supervision.


Products: the best made in America

Cabinet Products

Semi-Custom cabinetry in oak, maple, cherry, hickory and rustic alder.

At B.J. Kennison Company, we have the unique ability to provide the additional site work required on many installations, such as – cabinet leveling or moving, casework and installation.

Plumbing Products

Counter Products

We offer dozens of hard surface options that range from granite and marble
to soapstone and quartz from the largest fabricator in New England, Discover
marble & granite. A trusted partner we have used exclusively for over ten years.

They offer the largest selection of in stock granite located in an indoors
environment that allows comfortable slab viewing year round. Their template staff use the most modern laser template methods while their shop uses state of the art robotics for fabrication.

  • Solid surface Option: DuPont Corian, LG Hi-Macs & Wilsonart
  • Wood Options: Hard Rock Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany& Butternut
    Live Edge Slabs both domestic and exotic lumber.

Wall & Flooring Products

About Brad

About Brad: experience, skill & attention to details

About Brad Kennison of B.J. Kennison KitchensI am a native of Vermont and longtime resident of Massachusetts. My grandfather was a carpenter my father was in the agricultural business. I have chosen to work with my hands completing many partial and full kitchen and bath renovation projects which have ranged from the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since the start I always have done my own design work. The combination of design and physical execution of projects has given me a wide range of experience that covers the structural as well as mechanical issues that inevitably appear during renovation. Is your home a 1700s post and beam, a geodesic dome, a multi-level home built around a trailer? Maybe it’s an 80’s or 90’s house that needs a new kitchen or bath? I have done them all, and have many happy customers that I am proud to provide as references.

Off Rt. 32 in Monson I have a showroom and shop, give me a call and I will be happy to set up a time of your convenience to review your project, show you the cabinetry and surfacing products I sell. While you’re in the area, you may want to allow some extra time, go back in history and have dinner or lunch, minutes away in Palmer MA “The Town Of Seven Railroads” at Steaming Tenders, the town’s original train station where you can see both freight and passenger trains pass daily.

Whether you are looking for cabinetry and counters only or need them professionally installed, I will be happy to work with you. I have worked with many builders and remodelers over the years who want a professional with and intimate knowledge of  the construction/renovation process. This is tough promise to make if your work experience is strictly from the design world. Real life experience in construction and construction management is as necessary as design experience, particularly as the complexity of a project increases, as many medium to higher end projects do. So if a kitchen or bath project is in your future give me a call or send an email and I will be happy to review your project and turn it into reality!

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